Beautination’s fitness programmes are results focused, ensuring you get the most from your new fitness regime. Therefore, your fitness journey with Beautination will begin with a number of health checks, that will be reassessed at various points of your programme. These on-going checks will enable you to review your progress, which provides great motivation, and adaptations to your training plan can be provided if required.

We will carry out a range of fitness health checks that will include:

A lifestyle questionnaire

The questionnaire is used to ascertain your current lifestyle and will ask questions around your general health, family history, physical activity levels, exercise history, diet, stress levels, sleeping patterns, your goals and other areas. A food diary may also be required.

Blood pressure check & resting heart rate

Resting heart rate – your resting heart rate is the amount of times your heart rate beats every minute at rest. Resting heart rate averages about 60-80 beats per minute. If your result is below or above this, there are various factors that could be causing this.

Blood pressure – is measuring the force of the blood on the walls of the arteries as it flows through them. Measuring blood pressure is split into two measurements, the systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP). The SBP is the pressure exerted on the artery walls, when the cardiac muscle is contracting, whereas the DBP is the pressure exerted on the artery walls, when the heart is in a relaxed state. There are various factors that can cause high blood pressure and if you do have it you can take action to reduce it.

Body composition checks 

Body weight can be divided into two compartments: fat mass, which includes internal and external fat; and fat-free mass, which includes muscle, bone and internal organs.

BMI – your body mass index will be calculated using a simple equation and is a quick method to determine whether or not you are under or overweight.

% body fat – using bioelectrical impedance (body fat scales), an electrical signal flows through your body to estimate how much body fat you have.

Circumference measurements – measurements will be taken from your arms, chest, waist, abdomen and hips. Particular attention will be applied to your waist and hip measurements because it is these areas where the distribution of body fat can play an important factor for health risks of obesity and coronary heart disease.

Our health checks work alongside what you ultimately want to achieve, ensuring the goals set are achievable and realistic within the timeframe given.

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