Beautination’s fitness programmes are results focused and in order to get you the results desired your food and nutrition will play an important factor.

When we talk about healthy eating, often using the word ‘diet’ starts people off on the wrong foot, as they then believe they are going to be restricted of food and starve for the foreseeable future! However, diet is all about your food intake and eating habits, which can be good or bad with regards to whether it’s a healthy diet that provides you with adequate nutrients or not.

Before a fitness programme commences with Beautination, during your health check your diet and eating habits will be discussed. You will be given nutrition advice and steps on how to change your eating habits in order to set you off on the right path towards a healthy and balanced eating plan. We are not strong believers in making you constantly calorie count, but we do ensure you are educated to what you should and should not be eating, what foods will give you the energy you need at the right times of the day, and how to measure accurate portions sizes without getting the weighing scales out each time you want to make a meal.

This nutrition advice alongside your personalised fitness programme will give you all the tools required in order for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

In addition, following on with Beautination’s philosophy; incorporating beauty, health and fitness as a whole, our nutrition advice will also include those ‘beauty foods’ that will ensure you are looking after your whole body from the inside out. Not only will you be feeling fitter and healthier, but you whole body will be showing it too on the inside and out.

nutrition advice