I will provide you will a full detailed aftercare sheet of the do’s and don’ts for looking after your human hair extensions. The main points in the aftercare instructions include the following:


  • Use a clarifying human hair extension shampoo whilst wearing extensions. This is a shampoo recommended for extensions only that has a ph value lower than 5.5. Most high street brands contain silicone, which must be avoided at all times as this will slowly soften and break down the bonds.
  • Use a recommended human hair extension conditioner once or twice a week to keep it in optimum condition. As the extensions are not attached to the head it can become dry as it does not get the vitamins and nutrients that your own hair receives.
  • Use a human hair extension leave-in conditioner to moisturise your natural hair as well as the extensions.
  • Pat wet hair gently with a towel and eparate each extension to detangle.
  • Use a hair extension brush or tangle teaser to brush, as normal brushes can rip and break the hair. Try to brush once a day only.  Do not over brush your hair as this will cause unnecessary shedding.
  • The extensions can be styled, straightened, curled and blow dried just as you would your normal hair.
  • Use a low heat setting if blow drying your hair.
  • Tie your hair into a loose plait at bedtime to sleep and during any exercise activity to minimise tangling, matting and knotting.
  • Book a maintenance check-up every 4-6 weeks to check the extensions for any matting, tangling, and to remove and replace any bonds that have loosened or fallen out.
  • Have your human hair extensions removed by your hair extensionist that fitted them within 3 months of having them applied. This is because when they grow out too long, it is easy for them to become matted and tangled, causing unnecessary weight and damage to the natural hair.


  • Do not wash your hair for at least 48hours after they have been applied. This gives the bonds time to set and avoid shedding from the bonds in the future.
  • Apply any conditioner directly on the bonds, as this will soften and loosen them.
  • Do not rub or twist the hair as this can cause tangles.
  • Do not put wet hair on top of the head to dry.
  • Apply any direct heat, such as straighteners or curling tongs over the bonds, as this will soften and loosen them.
  • Do not dye the bonds directly.
  • Attempt to remove your own human hair extensions. Only a fully trained and qualified hair extensionist should remove your human hair extensions to ensure there is no damage caused to your natural hair. Beautination will not be held responsible for any damage caused by someone else removing your human hair extensions, even if they are trained and qualified.

Beautination is based in Maidstone in Kent, but also offers a mobile service across Kent.