Is my hair long enough for hair extensions?

Your hair should be a minimum 3-4 inches in length, ideally long enough to tie your hair back into a ponytail. Shorter lengths can be done, but it will be harder to blend and often you will need more bonds.

What is the difference between half head, 3/4 head, full head and full head extra thick extensions?

Half head – This is suitable for those who just want to add extra volume to their existing hair. Up to 80 bonds will be applied.

¾ Head – This is suitable for those with fine to medium hair with a bit of length already, who want to add some volume and a couple of inches in length. Up to 120 bonds will be applied.

Full head – A full head is what the majority of clients opt for. This is suitable for all hair types and will give your hair plenty of volume and length. Approx 180 bonds will be applied.

Full head extra thick – This option is usually for those with really short or very thick natural hair. However, those who desire to have really full and thick extensions also go for this option. On average up to 220 bonds will be applied.

Do human hair extensions damage your natural hair?

No. Human hair extensions will not damage your natural hair provided they are fitted and removed by a qualified hair extensionist, and you follow the correct aftercare and maintenance advice by Beautination.

Do I need to use specific shampoo or conditioner?

Yes. You can use products specifically designed for human hair extensions or shampoos that have a ph value lower than 5.5 and contain no silicones (please the Aftercare section for more detail). I will soon be offering clients the option to purchase shampoos and conditioners from Beautination (see Pricelist).

How do I look after my human hair extensions?

Please see my Aftercare section for full details.

What is a maintenance appointment and will I need one?

You should book a maintenance appointment every 4-6 weeks after having extensions fitted with Beautination to have them checked for any knots, matting and to replace any lost bonds. If you do not have a maintenance check then your hair can become matted and if they are not looked after properly, this can cause damage to your natural hair.

Can I still blow dry, straighten and curl my hair?

Yes, you can still blow dry, straighten, curl and style your hair as usual. However, please ensure you do not apply any direct heat from the appliances onto the bonds as this will soften and loosen them.

Can I still dye my hair with extensions in?

Beautination does not recommend you dye your extensions as you want to keep your extensions in good condition for as long as possible.  However, if you do decide to dye your extensions it is recommended you do a strand test first as the human hair extensions may take on the dye colour differently to your natural hair. Dying your natural hair’s T- section is fine.

Can I still exercise with human hair extensions?

Absolutely. To avoid the hair getting tangled whilst exercising it is recommended to tie it into a loose plait. If swimming, it is advisable to wear a swimming cap and ensure you wash your hair thoroughly afterwards as the chlorine can dry out the extensions.

How long will my human hair extensions last?

Depending on the method applied, human hair extensions on average can last from 3 – 4 months before they need to be removed. It is not recommended to have them in longer than this as they will need to be repositioned to prevent matting due to your natural hair growth. With the Micro Ring method, the extensions can be reapplied if they are still in good condition.

Beautination is based in Maidstone in Kent, but also offers a mobile service across Kent.