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Why We Should Love Burpees – The Burpee Challenge!

burpeesMost of us love to hate burpees, especially many of my personal training clients who scowl at me when I make a mere suggestion of them performing one! However, burpees have many benefits and there is a very good reason why burpees are included in pretty much all exercise training programmes, whether it’s for an individual who is looking to increase their overall fitness, or up to a professional athlete.

Burpees are a serious fat burner, they increase your metabolism and you continue to burn calories after you have finished doing them. Now, who wouldn’t want that!? What’s more, burpees require no equipment to perform, they have many variations to keep them interesting, and they target 5 dimensions of fitness: endurance, speed, strength, agility and flexibility. This basically means they are a full body workout that will not only increase your fitness, burn tons of calories, but they will also enhance your overall performance with everyday tasks too. Continue reading

How to Stay Healthy While on Holiday (& Still Have Fun!)

How to stay healthy on holiday

We are into the holiday season now and I know many of you out there, especially my clients, have been trying really hard over the last few months to shed those few extra pounds in order to be in top shape for the upcoming holiday. We spend so long waiting for our holidays to come round, that we want everything to be just perfect and that includes our bodies, which can put a lot of pressure on ourselves.

By the time the holiday has come round, we are often so hungry due to the last minute panic starvation diet we have forced on ourselves that we run straight to all the unhealthy foods at the all-inclusive restaurant, and feel bloated for the remainder of the holiday. This bloated feeling usually hits us at day 1 or 2!

On top of this, our holidays are often a time for us to unwind and have some down time. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a bit lazy on your holiday, after all you work hard all year and deserve a good break. However, if you intend to spend the whole fortnight stuck to a sun lounger with your only exercise bobbing to the pool bar and back then you may wish to reconsider your daily schedule.

Does any of this so far sound like you?

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Did you know these foods contain hidden salt?

It’s National Salt Awareness Week this week, which aims to educate us on our salt intake. We all know too much salt in our diet is bad for us, but do you know why it is bad? Do you know how much salt you should be consuming per day? And, do you know which foods are higher in salt than others?

What’s the deal with salt?

High salt intake over time leads to high blood pressure, which can result in many health conditions such as, heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, and even a stroke, which is the third biggest killer in the UK. A diet that is high in salt does not only affect those who are over weight either, which many people are misled to believe.

It is recommended our intake of salt should be no more than 6g per day, which is approximately one teaspoon of salt. We may well think we can make a pretty good judgement on what foods are higher in salt content than others. However, we have taken a look at your common everyday foods and you may be surprised by what we found out. Many foods have surprisingly large amounts of salt and this hidden ingredient it what makes up a high percentage of our everyday intake, which can be very detrimental to your overall health.

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Are you in need of some fitness motivation?

Fitness motivation
Fitness motivation is a challenge for any exercise fanatic, and even more for beginners. If exercising was one of your new year’s resolutions, but you still haven’t gotten around to it, try using these 5 tips to get you jump-started on your fitness goals for 2015.

  1. Get a personal trainer

A personal trainer can help you get on an exercising program right away. They’ll get you the best workout for your body, inspire you to work harder and help you to stay on track. They’ll also charge you if you cancel last minute so you’ll be less inclined to bail out.

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Health & beauty Habits to Embrace in 2015!

health & beauty resolutions 2015It’s the New Year and many of us are making resolutions that we vow to keep for the foreseeable future. There are plenty of resolutions I can talk about for beauty, health and fitness purposes, but for this blog I will just stick to my top 6 that I would recommend to anyone who wants a kick start to a healthy and more beautiful 2015!

The following health & beauty habits will help to keep you fit and looking beautiful inside and out, as well as providing you with the energy to see each and every day through to capacity.

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Beauty Trends You Must Try This Autumn 2014!

Whether we like it or not, autumn is upon us and the evenings are drawing in. Begrudgingly for some of us, we are gradually bringing our winter clothes out of hibernation, and the shops are filling their stores with new darker colours of autumn/winter trends for this season. I for one actually love this time of year, it’s a feeling for change and a new opportunity to re-invent you for the new season ahead with the latest fashion and beauty trends. I love experimenting with the latest beauty trends and this autumn will be no different!

If you fancy a change and would like to be on top of the up and coming beauty trends for this season then these top beauty trends are a must for autumn 2014!

Go metallic – Metallics are back, but that doesn’t mean piling on the silver lipsticks and glitter spray in your hair! Silver shadows or bronzes around the eyes are becoming the next alternative to the smoky eyed look. Give it a go and be subtle with the metallics during the daytime, adding the intensity for the evenings. Top tip! – Bronze and golds look better on darker complexions and silver hues on lighter tones.

Eyeliner is getting bigger – Eyeliners are becoming more of a statement this season so get practising with your eyeliner flicks. Blue eyeliners are still a big beauty trend this season. Try it blended under the eye or experiment with bold liquid eyeliners above the eye to give them the wow factor!

Berry lips – Blood red and berry coloured lips are back this season. There is a shade out there for everyone so give it a go and pucker up those lips! Top tip! – If you are going for bold lip colours, keep your eyes more neutral or vice versa. Focus on accentuating one main facial feature to avoid looking over made-up!

Dark nails – We do tend to go for darker nail colours during the winter months, but this seasons nails are all about the dark moody colours such as black, navy and deep berry colours. You only need to look in the high street shops to see lots of dark colours and in particular the black and navy combinations are a hit this season. Navy nails will be a big trend this autumn and winter.

Sleek ponytails – I was at the London Fashion Week last week at Somerset House and the catwalk was buzzing with models wearing slicked back ponytails inspired and created by Toni and Guy. The simple ponytail is making a big statement this season. Top tip! – Finish the style by wrapping a lock of hair around the hair band.

I can’t wait to try this seasons new beauty trends. I would love to hear your thoughts and see any photos of you rocking this seasons looks! :)

red lips and lipstick

Protect Your Skin from the Sun!

Sunshine UV raysThe sun has made a lovely appearance since May this year and we have had some scorching temperatures so far, but were you ready for this and have you been protecting your skin accordingly?

The summer is predicted to continue with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees during the holidays, which I am particularly excited for as I love long hot summer days, chilling in the garden…..bliss! I think most of us would agree we all love to spend time in the sunshine, but without using proper protection not only can we damage our skin with the UV rays, but it can also be very ageing on the face and body, causing early signs of wrinkles, pigmentation marks, age spots, and that’s just to start with!

Don’t fret though, there are some simple quick tips you can follow to ensure your skin is looking its best and to protect it from the suns UV rays throughout the summer months and into the winter. Yes, you heard that right, even in the winter!

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Beauty Trends to Try this Season

Every season new beauty trends emerge. Some of these trends you may adopt quickly, whereas others may take a bit of getting used to. However, in the end the majority of us do follow suit and often wonder how we never thought of the beauty idea in the first place!

Whether you are a beauty addict always looking for the next up and coming trend to take on board, or you are a unique individual who never follows the pack, but would like to stay informed and on top of the next beauty craze. Here are some of the top beauty trends to try (or not to try) this season.

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The Anti-Ageing Show 2014 – The Interviews

Wow, what an amazing weekend at the Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show! Trayc Randall and I arrived early, bright and bushy tailed and armed with a portable digital recorder. As well as for our own personal interests, we were there in the hope of interviewing some of the exhibitors for our weekly Look Good Feel Good radio show, on Channel Radio. We were apprehensive when we first arrived, but also very excited, and by the end of the day overwhelmed by the amount of amazing people wanting to be interviewed and be part of our show.

It was the 2nd year for the Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show at Kensington Olympia, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May, and yet again it failed to disappoint. The event is dedicated to both men and women, helping people to discover and to be educated on ways to keep looking youthful and fabulous. The event was attended by over 11,500 visitors and the show was packed full with health and beauty industry specialists, anti-ageing experts, celebrity speakers, product developers, brands, cosmetic surgeons, diet and lifestyle experts, demonstrations, live procedures and much more.

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Beauty Habits & Routines That Cause Wrinkles!

Beauty habits that can cause wrinklesWe all follow a beauty routine and for most of us it’s performed in the hope of getting a more youthful looking skin tone and reducing, or even preventing, those pesky wrinkles. As we age and go through life we are all aware we are going to get wrinkles, but did you know some of your routines and habits are actually causing ageing of the skin?

Here is a rundown of some of the following beauty habits and daily routines that could actually be the cause of unwanted wrinkles and unnecessary ageing. If you are doing any of the following, then take action today and keep those wrinkles away!

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