The Anti-Ageing Show 2014 – The Interviews

Wow, what an amazing weekend at the Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show! Trayc Randall and I arrived early, bright and bushy tailed and armed with a portable digital recorder. As well as for our own personal interests, we were there in the hope of interviewing some of the exhibitors for our weekly Look Good Feel Good radio show, on Channel Radio. We were apprehensive when we first arrived, but also very excited, and by the end of the day overwhelmed by the amount of amazing people wanting to be interviewed and be part of our show.

It was the 2nd year for the Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show at Kensington Olympia, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May, and yet again it failed to disappoint. The event is dedicated to both men and women, helping people to discover and to be educated on ways to keep looking youthful and fabulous. The event was attended by over 11,500 visitors and the show was packed full with health and beauty industry specialists, anti-ageing experts, celebrity speakers, product developers, brands, cosmetic surgeons, diet and lifestyle experts, demonstrations, live procedures and much more.

As we arrived we headed straight to the Press Office where Jenny Pabila, Head of PR for the Anti-Ageing Show, handed us our press packs and took us on our way to meet some of the exhibitors. We spent our time visiting all of the exhibitors, looking at what they had to offer, finding out as much as we could about any new products, treatments, innovative laser techniques and non-surgical treatments that were available.

A highlight of the day would have to be talking to the beautiful Antonia Mariconda, also known as The Cosmedic Coach. She was the host for the event and presented at various times throughout the show on stage. Antonia is an inspiration to the beauty industry and a great advocate for her safety in beauty campaign. She is passionate about making sure everyone has the right information and has done the right research in order to make an informed decision before having any cosmetic procedure. We highly promote this within our show so it was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to her.

Antonia Mariconda Anti-Ageing Show

Antonia Mariconda with Leah & Trayc

Other people we were fortunate to speak to included: the lovely Linda Lusardi who was there to promote her new My Miracle anti-ageing skincare range, which contains the luxurious ingredient of the Jewel of the Sea caviar extract; Linda Barker with Stratum C skincare range, which is specifically formulated to protect and repair the skin through hormonal changes that occur during menopause; Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Skin talking all about their clinic at Harley Street with Dr Khan and her new All Naturals Skincare range; Neil French from Proskins who provide the groundbreaking compression fabric leggings that will slim, tone, reduce cellulite and the appearance of ageing; Camilla Seton from Nouveau Beauty Group talking all about the benefits of semi-permanent make-up; and Emma Forbes who attended the show to see what new up and coming non-evasive anti-ageing treatments were available for her.

It was an amazing day and we got to sample many new products, including collagen cupcakes from BioCorrex and Pure Gold Collagen shots from Minerva Research Labs. If taken daily, collagen shots are said to stimulate collagen synthesis and hydrate the skin which slows down the signs of ageing. Sounds good to me!

Collagen Cupcakes from BioCorrex

With collagen Cupcakes from BioCorrex

We even caught up with a former guest on our radio show, the lovely Dr Vincent Wong from La Maison De L’esthetique. He was there to demonstrate the new toxin free anti-wrinkle treatment called Frotox and the results looked amazing. Frotox has been hailed as the next generation of botox, due to it’s toxin free formula and immediate results with nothing left behind in the body. Dr Vincent Wong was also at the show with the very beautiful Miss Jamaica UK, Cherelle Rose, who is due to appear on our radio show in June.

Dr Vincent Wong & Miss Jamaica UK

Dr Vincent Wong & Miss Jamaica UK with Leah & Trayc

This year’s Anti-Ageing Show was a huge success and we had a great time reporting back to our listeners! We have been talking about our visit to the Anti-Ageing Show on our recent live shows and we have been playing back some of the live interviews with the exhibitors. If you have missed any of the live interviews and would like to hear more about the anti-ageing products they were promoting, you can catch up and listen to them again below.

We will also be having some of the exhibitors on our radio show in the coming months to talk about their new exciting anti-ageing products so keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out more,

Trayc and I can’t wait for next year’s Anti-Ageing Show and we will also be visiting other mainstream exhibitions for our radio show throughout the year.

The Look Good Feel Good show on Channel Radio are dedicated to bringing our listeners the most up and coming beauty and fashion news, information, advice, and trends. You can listen to the Look Good Feel Good radio show weekly on a Thursday live at 10am or listen to catch up later on Channel Radio.

Interviews From the Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show!

Interview with Antonia Mariconda, the host of the show and campaigning from Safety in Beauty:

Antonia Mariconda Anti-Ageing Show



Interview with Linda Lusardi – My Miracle skincare range:

Linda Lusardi Anti-Ageing Show


Interview with Linda Barker & Stratum C:

Linda Barker and Stratum C Anti-Ageing Show


Interview with Lizzie Cundy and Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Skin:

Lizzie Cundy and Lesley Reynolds from Harley St Clinic


Interview with Emma Forbes:

Emma Forbes Anti-Ageing Show


Interview with Camilla Seton from Nouveau Beauty Group:


Interview with Neil French from Proskins:


Interview with Leah Hardy:


Interview with the Revere Clinic:


By Leah Buckingham-Warner

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