Beauty Habits & Routines That Cause Wrinkles!

Beauty habits that can cause wrinklesWe all follow a beauty routine and for most of us it’s performed in the hope of getting a more youthful looking skin tone and reducing, or even preventing, those pesky wrinkles. As we age and go through life we are all aware we are going to get wrinkles, but did you know some of your routines and habits are actually causing ageing of the skin?

Here is a rundown of some of the following beauty habits and daily routines that could actually be the cause of unwanted wrinkles and unnecessary ageing. If you are doing any of the following, then take action today and keep those wrinkles away!

Forgetting the sunscreen – Even if you are going to be stuck in the office all day, those few minutes in the sunshine on your way to and from work, at lunch time and during the odd coffee break can lead to premature ageing. It only takes a few minutes of sun exposure to cause a breakdown of collagen, which leads to wrinkles, so wearing sunscreen is a must every day.

Sleeping in your make-up – No matter how late it is at night or how tired you are, make sure you take the few minutes needed to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face. If you do not remove your make-up fully every night, it breaks down collagen and elastin, which speeds up the ageing process, leading to more wrinkles.

Lack of sleep or sleeping on your side – I know it sounds strange, but if you sleep with part of your face snuggled into the pillow then over time this can actually cause wrinkles. Not getting enough sleep regularly can also cause dark circles under the eyes and ageing of the skin.

Stretching your skin when applying makeup – When you apply your makeup you should do so with your facial expression completely natural. Yes, you can move your face when applying make-up, but do not stretch the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth, as this can cause premature ageing. Dragging make-up over the delicate eye area is also damaging to the skin.

Excessive use of botox – Many experts have raised concerns that overuse of botox can lead to sagging of the skin in later years due to loss of elasticity. Why not save those pennies and treat yourself to a regular age defying facial instead?

Picking your spots – At times it may be difficult to resist picking that annoying spot, but if you do, you are causing trauma to the skin, which could result in scarring and could lead to wrinkles. Try to leave them alone and use suitable lotions to prevent any breakouts.

Drinking alcohol – Most of us know alcohol dehydrates the body, but that dehydration includes the skin. Have you ever noticed in the morning after drinking alcohol, your face seems less fresh looking? Over time your skin will become less plump as it loses its elasticity, which lead to wrinkles.

Not drinking enough water – If we do not drink enough water each day your skin will become dehydrated.  Lack of water will result in dryer skin, which over time will develop wrinkles. It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day and apply a daily moisturiser in the morning and evening to keep that skin silky smooth and hydrated.

Chewing gum – Yes, that’s right; chewing gum regularly can actually cause wrinkling on the lower mouth!

Smoking – It’s the most common cause of wrinkles, need I say more?

Which of the following beauty habits and routines will you be stopping today to ensure you keep those wrinkles away for as long as possible?


By Leah Buckingham-Warner

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Habits & Routines That Cause Wrinkles!

  1. Great article again – the part that scared me was the chewing gum! I would never have thought that. Also re the water – we were chatting about this at work and wondered if mixing water with cordial has the same effect as plain water? :-)

    • Straight water is always more effective and healthier and my advice would be to stick to that, but all fluids count to an extent, except alcohol! If added cordial is the only way you can drink water and you can drink enough to stay hydrated then that’s great. Just try and make sure the cordial is sugar free and bear in mind the additives that it contains. At the end of the day if you add cordial to a glass of water, there is still approximately 90% of water in that glass, so just bear this in mind and don’t add too much cordial.

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