Beauty Trends to Try this Season

Every season new beauty trends emerge. Some of these trends you may adopt quickly, whereas others may take a bit of getting used to. However, in the end the majority of us do follow suit and often wonder how we never thought of the beauty idea in the first place!

Whether you are a beauty addict always looking for the next up and coming trend to take on board, or you are a unique individual who never follows the pack, but would like to stay informed and on top of the next beauty craze. Here are some of the top beauty trends to try (or not to try) this season.

Be bold and try orange lip colour – Many people will be shocked at this and wonder how on earth they are going to pull this look off. However, orange lip colour really does suit all skin tones with the right shade and it particularly looks perfect with brown or smoky eyes. Go to your local store, get a variety and orange shades and give it a try!

The bob haircut is making a comeback – The bob haircut has returned this season, which is perfect for those hot summer days coming up. If your hair is due a revamp, then the bob would be a perfect stylish solution this season.

Be striking with colourful eyeliner – Try adding colour to your eyeliner, such as blue. This is really on trend this summer and will really make your eyes pop!

Be bronzed and beautiful – Pale is out and bronzed goddess is back in! However, do not go over the top, as a subtle tan is the look you should be looking for. Give yourself a hint of colour using a daily self-tanning moisturising lotion or get a regular spray tan.

Sunglasses all the way! – Invest in some sunglasses and wear them every day. Not only will you look good and bang on trend with the numerous styles available in all high street shops, but you will protect your eyes from the sun, which will stop you from squinting and slow down those pesky wrinkles!

Accessorise you hair – Hair accessories are bang on trend this season and you will find them everywhere. Embellished headbands and clips will give your hair the wow factor it craves.

Polka dot nails – For nail lovers, polka dot nails are perfect this season and an easy design for everyone to achieve, especially if you do your own nail art at home. Try experimenting by painting only your third finger with polka dots and be adventurous with your colours.

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