Protect Your Skin from the Sun!

Sunshine UV raysThe sun has made a lovely appearance since May this year and we have had some scorching temperatures so far, but were you ready for this and have you been protecting your skin accordingly?

The summer is predicted to continue with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees during the holidays, which I am particularly excited for as I love long hot summer days, chilling in the garden…..bliss! I think most of us would agree we all love to spend time in the sunshine, but without using proper protection not only can we damage our skin with the UV rays, but it can also be very ageing on the face and body, causing early signs of wrinkles, pigmentation marks, age spots, and that’s just to start with!

Don’t fret though, there are some simple quick tips you can follow to ensure your skin is looking its best and to protect it from the suns UV rays throughout the summer months and into the winter. Yes, you heard that right, even in the winter!

Here are some of Beautination’s quick top tips!

Use sunscreen every day! – Apply sunscreen religiously, even on days when the clouds are about during the summer months, as the UV rays can still get through the clouds.

Use a moisturiser with SPF! – Use a moisturiser with SPF at all times throughout the year, regardless of the season. In the winter months, you are still at risk on sunny days if you are spending time outside.

Protect your eyes and lips! – Don’t forget to use SPF cream on your eyes and lips. Many people forget these areas, when it is these areas that are one of the most vulnerable to ageing. If you find some SPF creams aggravate these areas, in particular your eyes, there are brands out there that cater specifically for these sensitive areas.

Keep hydrated! – Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Our body is made up of 80% water and spending a lot of time in the sunshine can quickly dehydrate us.

Exfoliate! – Exfoliate to remove any build-up of dry skin cells and to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant.

Fake it! – If you want a tan, don’t damage your skin by spending hours laying in the sunshine. Fake it with a spray tan and look a bronzed goddess the healthy way!

Wear sunglasses! – Invest in a couple of trendy pairs of sunglasses and ensure you wear them daily to protect those gorgeous eyes. Any ageing here is really difficult to reverse, so look after them as best you can!

Don’t forget your hair! – Your hair can take an awful lot of abuse during the summer months through sun damage and spending time in and out of the water on holidays. If you are blonde or regularly have your hair bleached, it is particularly more vulnerable. Make sure you treat your hair regularly to a nourishing hair mask, use hydrating conditioners, and use an oil based hair serum such as Moroccan oil each time you wash your hair to protect those ends.

Buy some hats! – Hats have made a comeback these past few years, which is great if you want to spend time in the sunshine. Hats as accessories can always look trendy on the right outfit so not only will you look fashionable, but wearing a hat will protect your face and hair on those hot sunny days.

By Leah Buckingham-Warner

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